I’m starting to wonder whether TV is my version of kryptonite – the one thing that can drain me of all powers and leave me slumped on the sofa doing very little for hours at a time.

This week I decided to fast TV, and even three and a bit days later, the effects have been astounding.

I’ll set aside the obvious spiritual benefits of sacrificing something you enjoy for God for a time, which are so numerous I would have to write a whole book on them (until I do, check out The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting by Mahesh Chavda).

But even for the non-Christian, cutting out any and all interaction with that great big box in the corner of your living room is quite a revelation.

I wouldn’t have thought I was a particularly dedicated couch potato – I’m far too busy a person to waste hours sampling the delights of the small screen.

I certainly don’t have a soap opera addiction, nor am I endlessly glued to the antics of various ‘celebrities’ in their jungles, or wannabe celebrities in their Big Brother house, and I couldn’t care less who wins X Factor.

OK, so I like to have something on while I knit (the jumper’s coming on nicely by the way) and I’m partial to a bit of Scrubs or a good film when I want to relax.

But then, as I’ve always argued, I need the down time. I can’t be on the go every minute of the day, surely?

True. However, taking time out from TV has broken through a couple of little lies I’ve always believed.

Firstly, watching TV isn’t actually that relaxing. If you’re stressed because, for example, you have lots on your plate, the most relaxing thing you can do is start to work through some of those chores, not stick your fingers in your ears and go “la, la, la” while you escape into a fantasy world.

Second, there are way more interesting things to do than watch TV, which will suddenly occur to you when you have a couple of hours to fill which you’d otherwise use to plough through those back issues of CSI you recorded on your Freeview box.

Since Monday I’ve tackle a bunch of jobs I’ve been putting off (everything from admin to calling everyone to sort out my 30th birthday party), I’ve got into a new book, listened to a downloaded radio preach I’ve had since August, read a bunch of cool new blogs, and even cooked a bit more adventurously.

I’ve also, as intended, spent more time with God, reading the bible, praying and also making a start on the numerous Christian books I’ve had on my shelf for ages that haven’t yet been touched (first up, The Busy Woman’s Guide to Prayer by Cheri Fuller).

It’s been an awesome few days, in which I’ve not only felt closer to God and more effective in my praying, I’ve also felt more at peace in myself, and more fulfilled and satisfied with my life.

So when the TV does come back on, I’m determined that it will be for very limited bursts and very specifically chosen shows.

And if I feel myself getting sucked back into coach potato living, that TV licence is getting canceled.